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‘’Everything happens around coffee. Ideas are born, projects take off, people fall in love in coffee shops. The moments that happen around a cup of coffee’’ This is what made Brenda, owner and founder of Poetic Republic Coffee Company to start get into the coffee scene.

From people picking up the beans all the way to the barista’s technique, coffee is truly an art and science by itself she explains.

After majoring in Marketing in college and while working at different coffee shops, she made her first solo travel trip at 22 to the coffee capital of the world because she realized that coffee wasn’t just a hobby for her.

While living in Bologna, Italy. She dedicated a year to herself to keep learning about the coffee industry, and the lovely culture that was behind it. She kept working on her passion for coffee and literature, while writing, painting, traveling and learning Italian.

She came back to San Antonio and after working at digital marketing agencies and a architecture firm, Brenda Leal always dreamed of having a coffee shop so she decided to go full time with her dream. She started Poetic Republic Coffee Co. officially this year. In the past months, the 25-year-old has operated and served coffee to the community in San Antonio.

She’s currently working on her brand to develop new projects and keep making Poetic Republic what she always had envisioned.

Brenda Leal, the 25- year old owner, barista, yoga instructor and digital marketer behind Poetic Republic Coffee. For more info hello@poeticrepubliccoffee.com | www.poeticrepubliccoffee.com

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